Study Abroad

The Study Point Overseas Consultant provides an expert counselling to its clients, as we have 20+ years of experience in immigration consultancy. Our expert advice will make your immigration process simple and give you valuable insights on the entire process. Nobody understands overseas careers so well like we do. We state that with great pride because of:

  • Our 20+ years of experience makes things simple
  • We understand our customers and their aspirations
  • We expertise in understanding the complex process of immigration, visas and jobs across a range of countries, industries and occupations.
  • Our main objective is global employability and mobility.
  • Over the last 20+ years we have counselled over a million aspirants and shown them the best career path abroad.
  • Talk to us today and begin a relationship that will last a lifetime

Counselling & Student Pathway

Our Counselling services are tailor-made to each applicant. We work closely with you on a one-to-one basis to ascertain your end goal and the most appropriate study pathway to help you achieve that goal

Country Selection

There are so many countries that offer world class, internationally recognized education – but which one to choose? Our expert counselors will be available to identify your student pathway and give advice on the best destination taking into account factors such as course availability and requirement, location (Town or Countryside) and the most important cost factor.

Course Selection

Deciding which course to choose is a difficult job which is why we recommend our counseling assistance to help you decide on certificate, diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate studies to help you achieve your goal and boost your career chances.

University / College / School Selection

This can be a very difficult decision and to ensure that you make the right choice for youself both academically and personally – our counsellors are on hand to provide advice on the correct selection of University, Polytechnic, College or School and dependent on your preference whether it is in the main cities or a more remote location.

Tuition Fees and other costs

International Education can be a costly experience, so it is definitely advisable to get the best advice on how to compare not only tuition costs, but also day to day living expenditure; after all both of us want this to be one of the best experiences of your life, so our expert counsellors will be able to show you cost comparisons across the major destinations to enable you to compare your approximate expenses of your chosen course.

Documentation and other requirements

All academic institutions abroad do have requirements and pre-requisites for entry; such as a minimum score in IELTS or TOEFL (or other accredited English Language Testing Systems); so our counselors will be there to guide you through the application process.

End to End application process

Our team will be working with you throughout the full process; all universities (colleges/schools etc) have very strict deadlines for submission of applications and additional requirements; we advise that you should be applying at least 6-9 months prior to your required semester start time, as this will allow ample time for all processes to be completed in a stress free manner.

Visa Guidance

Our assistance to you does not stop after you get admission. Our team at The Study Point Overseas Consultant which has a long history of successful visa processes will be available to guide you through this section of your journey, ensuring that you are fully aware of the progress at every step.